dimarts, 17 de febrer de 2009

Tuesday is almost the same that yesterday. At 7:30 I sleep early, and breakfast and gone to the stop of bus. I fumar first cigar of the day, and taken the bus and when and arrived with my friends and gone in in the classes. At 11:30 rested until the 12h. And afterwards and gone to classes until the two. To the two go out and eaten in the restaurant ET that this to two streets of the Ies Roquetes and have seen 10 minutes to my boyfriend before that it went to work. Afterwards and gone back to classes until the five and taken the bus that me to carried until Aldover. And berenat while see the TV, and studied at 19:30h and gone to classes of repas and when and arrived and eati and gone to sleep because it was tidy.

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