diumenge, 22 de febrer de 2009

Saturday: I sleep at 13:00h and down to eat with my family. After see the film and meet with my boyfriend and go to see Tortosa and the Carnival’s. After go to house the my boyfriend we eat and see two films: saw IV and REC. Finally, my boyfriend and I go to my house and sleep.

dissabte, 21 de febrer de 2009

Sunday: At 10:00 I sleep and studying with my friend universal literature. After I eat and I prepared to go out with my friend and my boyfriend to go a eat and see the carnival in Vinaros is in Valencia. The Carnival’s Vinaros is the most famous the Carnival. At 22:00 o’clock go to Roquetes at home with my boyfriend and eating. We see the film and make a party the family. At 04:30h go to sleep.

divendres, 20 de febrer de 2009

Friday: At 7:30h of the morning, I sleep and prepared to go to the school, and breakfast and taken the bus. After the classes at 14:00h. taken the bus until my village and eaten. At 16:00h come a friend to my house do a work of universal literature and after the has gone I continued studying. After seen a moment the television, and eaten and gone out with my friends and my boyfriend in a bar of Tortosa until the 4:00 of the morning of party.

dijous, 19 de febrer de 2009

Thursday: Today is a special day. Party in all Catalonia. Only have classes until 13h. As each day have raised me of the bed, have breakfast and take the bus and gone to school until the one. Today touches me Economomy the class that plus likes me and that take out the notes plus high. At 13h:00h arrived at home, and eaten and afterwards and looked the TV but me and remained slept and when me and raised already was hour to go to my class of repas of maths. After gone out with my boyfriend and afterwards has carried me home, and eaten, have read a book of Filosofia and afterwards me and go to sleep.

dimecres, 18 de febrer de 2009

Wednesday: At 7:30 I sleep and breakfast, and gone to the stop of bus and when arrived to the school me and done a cigar. And gone in classes until the 11:30 than and rested until the 12h. And gone back to classes until the 14:00 than and go to my village.
The Wednesday and Fridays have classes until migdia. And eaten and slept until 18h. Afterwards and gone to with my mother to Tortosa and meet to my boyfriend. We gone to drink something in a bar and played to the billiard. After he goes me at home, we eaten and seen a moment the TV until I have remained me slept.

dimarts, 17 de febrer de 2009

Tuesday is almost the same that yesterday. At 7:30 I sleep early, and breakfast and gone to the stop of bus. I fumar first cigar of the day, and taken the bus and when and arrived with my friends and gone in in the classes. At 11:30 rested until the 12h. And afterwards and gone to classes until the two. To the two go out and eaten in the restaurant ET that this to two streets of the Ies Roquetes and have seen 10 minutes to my boyfriend before that it went to work. Afterwards and gone back to classes until the five and taken the bus that me to carried until Aldover. And berenat while see the TV, and studied at 19:30h and gone to classes of repas and when and arrived and eati and gone to sleep because it was tidy.

dilluns, 16 de febrer de 2009

Hi ¡ I’m Mayte. This is my diary about this week.
Monday: I have raised me to the 7:30h. Of the morning for prepare to go to the school, afterwards and taken the breakfast and me and directed to the stop of bus that this to the rise of my house. Have me throw my first cigar of the day and when to come the bus and left the bag, and gone up and has carried me until the school, where find me with my friends and go for the classrooms.
To the 11:30 have half hour of rest and afterwards and gone back to go in until the two. Today, in the last class to the morning that to see a film and remained us to eat while see madame bovary. At 5:30 I finish the classes and I go to bus with go to Aldover my village.
At 6 o’clock I eat and I seen while the TV. After studied until the 9 and then I have eaten with my family. After looked the TV and now go me to sleep.