dilluns, 16 de febrer de 2009

Hi ¡ I’m Mayte. This is my diary about this week.
Monday: I have raised me to the 7:30h. Of the morning for prepare to go to the school, afterwards and taken the breakfast and me and directed to the stop of bus that this to the rise of my house. Have me throw my first cigar of the day and when to come the bus and left the bag, and gone up and has carried me until the school, where find me with my friends and go for the classrooms.
To the 11:30 have half hour of rest and afterwards and gone back to go in until the two. Today, in the last class to the morning that to see a film and remained us to eat while see madame bovary. At 5:30 I finish the classes and I go to bus with go to Aldover my village.
At 6 o’clock I eat and I seen while the TV. After studied until the 9 and then I have eaten with my family. After looked the TV and now go me to sleep.

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